Doughnation Feeds the Community | Debonairs Pizza Zambia



There’s more to Debonairs Pizza than what’s in their pizza boxes. What if we told you, that just by ordering a Debonairs Pizza, you would be feeding people in need? At no additional cost to you! Just by making a simple choice, just by making a “Doughnation”.

So how does it work? When we cut a pizza into shape there are small amounts of dough off-cuts. Through the Doughnation initiative, all the off-cuts of dough that remain after making our delicious pizza bases are collected and baked into flat loaf breads. These are then handed over to a local charity or organisation in the community that each restaurant operates in to truly make a difference in their everyday lives.

We have encouraged each of our restaurants to identify a needy beneficiary in their community to partner with and then provide loaves of bread to them on a weekly basis. To date, more than 60% of Debonairs Pizza restaurants are participating in this initiative and are regularly supplying people in need with food.

For a Debonairs Pizza customer it’s easy. Every time they buy a delicious pizza from Debonairs they are not only feeding themselves, they are helping to feed people who really need it.

And remember, a little extra dough goes a long way!